The Seven Cascades – an escape in the wild Mauritius

Mauritius is a land full of surprise and the seven cascades of Rivière Noire are totally coming up as one. Who would imagine that behind this very small access through the bushes lies one of the most appreciated touristic location on the island? The Seven Cascades.

A breathtaking succession of waterfalls

As the name implies, the seven cascades is a succession of 7 waterfalls which are really worth a visit.

As many locations in Mauritius, this place is entirely natural. You will not find any fence, path or stairs to help you to get to the falls.

But how can you find the Seven Cascades then?

Spotting the way is pretty hard and even then, getting to the falls is challenging. Following the signs will only get you to the restaurant where you can get a guide to bring you on the spot.

Should I take a guide to explore the Seven Cascades?

It is not a bad idea. You can of course go on your own but a guide will take you directly to the falls and provide you from getting lost in this tiny jungle. As said, tours are offered in the restaurant located at the top of the hill but you also might find locals (often children) offering to guide you to the spot for a lower contribution.

The first cascade is easy to access but you will be walking through pretty dense vegetation we recommend to wear good shoes. We do not mean hiking boots but flip flops would be a challenge.

The next two waterfalls are also reachable by foot even if it gets a bit trickier and will make your trip to the Seven Cascades a “work out experience”.

Yet, from there on you will need to climb down a tree or jump off the waterfall and we would not recommend doing this alone during your visit to the Seven Cascades.

For an unforgettable experience, you can book a tour that will take you to each waterfall of the Seven Cascades. You will even see majestic white-tailed tropic birds that are nesting in this area during your trip.

These are by far the most famous waterfalls on the island. Nevertheless, there are many others and you should definitely get to see one with a local, they are normally happy to share their secret spots with you.

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