Welcome on “The Roving Puffin”

We are Amélie and Yannick; the two authors behind The Roving Puffin. This blog was created to convey our joy for life and to share our passion for travels, sports, food and all the good things life has to offer.

From shooting an amazing landscape during a rough backpacking hike in the mountain, to relaxing spa and fine dining weekends; we adapt to any situation and always follow our heart.

We met in 2013, as Yannick was traveling to improve his language skills after completing his studies. At that time, Amélie was working in a language school.

Our paths crossed in an elevator during a beautiful evening of December in Düsseldorf; this was the beginning of our wonderful story.

Today –4 years, 2 cats, 2 countries and 5 apartments later– we are based in Switzerland and waiting for our next adventure.

Why the Blog?

The idea of creating a blog started out from talking to our friends; we love to discover new places, try out restaurants and make new experiences. Therefore, we often see ourselves give advice on places to visit, things to do, recipes to try, etc.

That could interest more people than our friends.

Also, Yannick loves photography and we have a lot of great pictures on our hard drive disk. As we are not the kind of person to flood our personal social accounts, creating a blog was also a way to get them to be seen by other people than us both.

Last but not least, as Yannick is working in digital marketing, managing a blog is also a very good way to grasp the digital landscape from a different perspective, all while training his writing skills.

When we are doing something, we are doing it fully. Therefore, we worked hard to perfect this blog and our social profiles.

Who is Yannick?

Yannick loves to spend hours shooting, editing pictures or designing impactful layouts. He is the creative side of The Roving Puffin. In his daily life, Yannick is working as Digital Marketing Manager for an international luxury brand.

His passion for sports started early as he set his feet on skis at 2 years old. He soon started to compete, until he was 18 years old.

In the meantime, he tried all the sports that seemed fun to him: wakeboarding, kitesurfing, mountain biking, and much more.

To sharpen his creative sense, he loves spending time behind the camera, in front of photoshop and making the best out of our travel memories.

Who is Amelie?

Amelie is the “social animal” of us both. When she is not managing our social media channels and answering our emails, you will find her behind a pile of books or in a clinic. She is indeed in the final parts of her dental studies and soon to be the first puffin to hold a doctor title.

She is finding her balance through pilates and yoga but also in the kitchen.

Since she was old enough to reach the counter, she always prepared the dinner together with her dad (in her words: “the best chef on the planet”). She tries out new recipes on a weekly basis and will gladly share her kitchen with you.

Amelie is also a beast at keeping things organized. With her in charge, nothing will be left unplanned and you can be sure that every pending topic is well kept tracked of.

Our fluffy companions

These two are obviously are more popular than us. Mittens and Maya are two of the fluffiest and nicest Birman cats we have met. During our many trips, they are well taken care of by Yannick’s parents.

Cute birman cat with eyes like Puss in Boots
Birman lilac point cat


…you can ask as often as you want, they will NOT get their own Instagram account!

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