Renting a Vespa in Berlin

Are you tired of walking through the streets of Berlin? Are your feet hurting? Do you want to visit the further outskirts without spending a fortune on tram tickets? Renting a Vespa will solve all of these problems and even add some fun and uniqueness to your trip.

Renting a Vespa – The easiest way to move around Berlin

A friend of ours rented a Vespa for two hours in Berlin and recommended it to us. During our next trip, we followed her advice and booked our Vespa online.

Two days later, we headed to the rental place. Beautiful Vespas – all well taken care of – were aligned in front of the small office waiting to be picked up. The shop owner is also working as garagist for passionate who can bring their own ride to be revised.

After a small theory session, we got the keys to our new vehicle and started our small tour through Berlin. One of the great things about a vespa is, that you can park pretty much anywhere, which gives you a whole new freedom to explore Berlin. It is especially an amazing way to achieve a Berlin street art tour.

Renting vespa berlin

Renting a Vespa has now became our to-go solution everytime we are in Berlin. The last time we visited the city, we booked the Vespa for 3 entire days and used it for going out in the evening as well.

If you decide to rent one, don’t forget to bring your driving license and to take the deposit amount with you. Your booking includes helmets and it is also possible to rent a top case at extra cost. We would recommend to do so as it gives you the possibility to safely store some additional stuff.

If you want to know more about Berlin, do not miss to take a look at our ultimate guide.

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    1. I would maybe not do it in every city but it is very easy to drive in Berlin and a vespa allows you to park pretty much anywhere. 🙂

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