Street art tour in Berlin

We love street art and always enjoy to see what has changed in Berlin since the last time we visited. There are a lot of famous street artists who passed by Berlin and the city has really established itself as a reference on the street art scene.

Visiting the notorious walls of the city doesn’t require more than walking around the city and paying some attention. However, we recommend that you plan your tour in advance and mark down the areas of interest.

If you want to really be as efficient as possible, you should consider renting a Vespa that will allow you to easily move from places to places and park pretty much anywhere.

The most famous walls of Berlin

With our small map you will find your way to 4 of the most famous street art pieces in Berlin. However there is many more around the city and we are happy if you share your new discoveries in the comments with us so we can update our map in the future.

The Cosmonaut by Victor Ash

the cosmonaut by Victor Ash

Yellow Man by Os Gêmeos 

Nature Morte by Roa

Nature Morte by Roa Berlin


Gorilla and Shining Street Art

Little Lucy by EL Bocho

Little Lucy Berlin

…and much more

Zozo graff Berlin Colorful Graff Berlin Couple cuddling on Graff in Berlin Berlin wall Curriculum Vitae - Eastside Gallery Lion roaring in front of the YAAM Berlin Graff Berlin - Yaam must survive People crossing the wall on graff at East Side Gallery Graff Berlin Represent Graff masks in front of the YAAM Berlin

Berlin street art - Laugh now but one day we'll be on your walls Berlin street art by Don John Berlin street art - Make art not war Fish Graff Berlin

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  1. It looks great. I’m always amazed by the street art in big cities, it gives them a certain soul, right! 🙂 That MTO is beautiful, but the good thing is that you don’t have to choose, there are so many of them to admire at the same time. 🙂

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