Travel profile: Discover alternative Berlin

fYou are on your way to Berlin and want to see behind the facade of Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate? You would like to stroll through streets and discover amazing street art, cheap hipster restaurants and everything else Berlin is famous for?

This travel profile then is made for you; follow us and discover the amazing alternative side of Berlin’s Kiez.

Wait… what is a “Kiez” ?

The different quarters of Berlin are widely different from one to the other. In the local dialect these quarters are called “Kiez”.

Actually, a Kiez is more than just a quarter; it also represent some sort of identification for the people living in the considered area. With regards to the alternative side of Berlin, there are some Kiez that cannot be missed.

Kreuzberg – Alternative Berlin at its best

Often written “X-Berg” (cross-berg), Kreuzberg is the reference alternative area of Berlin. It became a area well frequented by tourists nowadays but managed to keep its unique and offbeat flair.

River by the Club der Visionaere in Berlin

Discovering Kreuzberg is best done by foot or with a Vespa as you shouldn’t miss the great street art covering the walls of the entire quarter. You should also definitely head to the smaller streets and stop by a little coffeeshop (our recommendation would be eliza).

If you are in Kreuzberg, have a stroll through the Görlitzer Park, where you can experience the real lifestyle of the “Kiez”. Just be aware that the place is famous for its drug dealing scene.

To visit Kreuzberg, we recommend you to take the subway and get out at Schönleiner Strasse or Görlitzer Bahnhof.

Prenzlauer Berg – The hipsteresque Kiez

Prenzlauer Berg might be more family friendly and less rough than Kreuzberg but it is a paradise for anyone who wants to experience a true Berliner urban life. This quarter is full of life and you will feel quite some “ecological” vibe to it.

It is probably my favorite location in Berlin, especially to shopping. There are many cool vintage and trendy shops such as “Soeur Designer Vintage” or “Kauf dich Glücklich”. There are also an great amount of cool and laid back coffeeshops where you can enjoy a soya macchiato and organic carrot cake.

Two coffee cups in Prenzlauer BergFinally, it is also the place to go if you want to grab a bite, many snack bars and restaurant offer delicious and fresh food, we could recommend “Babel Falafel” and “W – Der Imbiss”, to only name two.

The easiest way to reach Prenzlauer Berg is by dropping out of the subway at Eberswalder Strasse and then head in direction of Kastanienallee and its joining little streets.

Street Art takes over Berlin

Berlin street art - Laugh now but one day we'll be on your walls

Berlin is internationally renowned for its street art scene. The most influential street artists have all let their marks on the walls of Germany’s capital city.

We highly recommend you to take the time and keep your head up while walking in the city.

If you are interested in this aspect of the city, we invite you to check out our tips to the perfect street art tour in Berlin. 

If you want more general information on this wonderful city, check out our ultimate guide to Berlin.

We also wrote other profiles if you rather want to concentrate on the must-to attraction for a short stay in Berlin or if you want to explore Berlin’s fantastic cultural scene.


Discover the alternative Berlin off the beaten track.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve only spent a weekend in Berlin but it’s such an amazing city and I left wanting more. Will for sure keep these areas in mind when I’m back in Germany this fall.

  2. Some really interesting facts about Berlin in this article. I had no idea they were know for their street art for one. We are going to Germany for the first time in October, Frankfort area and south, I look forward to learning more about Germany- maybe one day we will go to Berlin!

  3. I love to explore places off the beaten path and I can imagine myself wandering around every place you mentioned! Kreuzberg sounds great and I really wanna see the street art scene of Berlin myself!

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