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Berlin has of course a lot to offer with regards to cultural sights. More than 175 museums are to be found in the city and probably most of them are worth a visit. As a visitor it can be hard to identify the ones which are a must do though.

If you are interested in culture and want to make the best out of your stay in Berlin, this article is made for you. Do not hesitate to check out the other travel profiles that focus on the alternative side of the city or the top sights for a short stay in Berlin.

Berlin – Cultural hotspotTravel guide cultural and historical berlin

Berlin has something to offer to everyone and you might well be overwhelmed by the extensive offer of this city. Museums, theaters, shows and guided tours are just a glimpse into the possibilities but if you want to add up a bit of culture in your trip to Berlin, you might want to check out the following places.

Pergamon museum – 2000 year old architecture

The Pergamon Museum has always been our favorite museum in Berlin. Since our first visit, we were impressed by the architectural treasures of long gone civilizations that can be found in the splendid halls of the Pergamon. The Ishtar Gate of Babylon, the Pergamon Altar or the Market of Miletus are just examples of what can be admired here.

Because the museum is undergoing construction work, you might face some waiting time that can be easily avoided by booking your ticket in advance. We would recommend to do this anyway with such busy sights. You can find more information on the official website of the Pergamon museum.

New Museum – Face to face with Nefertiti

Located nearly next to the Pergamon Museum, the new museum is another stunning experience. Reopened in 2009, it combines exhibitions of three former Berlin museums. You will find here antique Egyptian pieces, Neanderthal skulls and many other pieces from the prehistoric time.

As described on the website, the museum “allows visitors to trace the development of prehistoric and protohistoric cultures, spanning from the Middle East to the Atlantic, from north Africa to Scandinavia”. We highly recommend to book your ticket in advance for this museum as well, as they have to limit visitor amounts.

Berlins History- Intense but interesting

As we already mentioned out in our Ultimate Guide to Berlin, this is a city with a deep historical past. It is not possible to visit Berlin without getting confronted with events of the past and it is worth to take some time to explore more of this aspect during your stay in Berlin.

Holocaust memorial museum

Located just underneath the Holocaust memorial, this intense and burdensome museum present the cruel truth about the third reich and its horrendous deeds. The museum is free of charge but you may wait for some time as it is one of the most visited in Berlin.

Travel guide cultural berlin - Berlin's holocaust memorialThe memorial sight can be visited at any time during the day and night and is leaving quite an impression. The grey beton blocks symbolize tombstones and shall remind you that most of the murdered jews did not get any kind of funeral. They are placed very close to each other because the idea was to cause a nightmarish atmosphere. The ground is not even also to strengthen the feeling of insecurity.

The memorial is not an usual memorial sight but we would like to take the chance and ask you to behave appropriate in this very special place of remembrance.



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