Review | Wilder Ritter – “Creative. Natural. Passionate.”

Creative. Natural. Passionate. Three words as a perfect introduction to a fantastic culinary experience. If you have read our article on the Hotel Ritter Durbach, you know how much we wanted to come back for a dinner in their starred Michelin restaurant, the Wilder Ritter.

We did it. It was incredible!

Wilder Ritter – Simple motto, perfect execution

The three words introducing the restaurant on its website were chosen wisely. Not only the dishes prepared by the young chef André Tienelt are amazing; the Wilder Ritter will surprise you in many other ways.


We were welcomed in a very dark, very cozy room where only the tables seemed to float in pure brightness. The walls, covered with structured papers and black curtains proudly display pictures of ladies wearing traditional costumes but shot in a very contemporary style.

Before even a menu was presented to us, two rounds of amuse-bouches already made their way onto our table.

The menus were accompanied by a selection of bread, served on hot stones to keep them at a perfect temperature until your first course.

We, of course, went for a full 6 course menu and its matching wine pairing and it was one of our best culinary experience of the last year.


Two menus are being offered to your “from the region” or “from the world”.

We picked the internationally inspired one, even though Amélie couldn’t help but switching the sea bass for regional Asparagus.


Each dish was fantastic and prepared to perfection:


André Tienelt lives for his products and is dedicated to make your dinner an unforgettable experience. From the first sentence of the menu, you are invited to have a good time:

I want to make this evening unforgettable and especially enjoyable for you. Please laugh, enjoy and try food from each other’s plates: food is supposed to be fun!

Not only the food is treated with respect. The whole dinner was filled with little details showing how much attention is put to give you a great experience. For example, each plate is accompanied by a sketched drawing used by the cooks as they were creating the menu:

The sommelier also put a lot effort to explain each wine, its story and the reason why he selected it over another.

Most of the wines were bio-dynamic ones and perfectly matched the plate. The first wine was even served blind; the bottle was covered by a black cloth and it was served in a black glass shows allowing you to concentrate on the taste without the visual distraction. We guessed for a Riesling, it was a rosé… we don’t really have the palate of an oenologist yet.

We really loved this idea though, it should be an option offered for the entire menu.

Enough talk, we let you to a few more pictures:

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