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The three lake region is widely known for its culinary highlights. As we live around there we are often asked by friends for advices and we usually see ourselves make the same recommendation: The Werft in Faoug.

The Werft – Culinary Highlight in a remote village

Faoug is a very small village and you would probably not stop by if it wasn’t for the Werft. The restaurant is located just at to the main harbor (“Nouveau Port”) and the terrace will give you a great lakeside atmosphere.

The Werft, which opened in 2014, built up quite a reputation in the past year but is not very big which means that it tends to be very crowded. You might even have troubles to get table by booking 5 days in advance. During lunch you might be luckier though but be aware that they are not opened longer than 2 pm.

The interior design is creative and modern, just like the kitchen. Their decoration even inspired, to some extend, ours at home. The terrace offers a nice view on the lake and big pieces of cloths are offering a good protection from the sun.

The menu – True modern kitchen

The dishes feature classics with a modern twist, as well as seasonal plates. Our personal favorite is the Burger “Werft Style”; simply delicious.

Their wine selection feature some of the best caves of the Vully (local hill famous for its wine production) and give you the opportunity to try out our famous Swiss wines.


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