Grindelwald: A night under a thousand stars

Few things are more impressive than our sky during a clear summer night. We wanted to fully admire and shoot the milky way and therefore searched for the perfect place with no light pollution.

With our heavy camping and camera equipment, we wanted to find a place that was easily accessible and if possible within one hour of walk. We headed to Grindelwald.

The way to Grindelwald – passing by the Saint Beatus caves

Our objective was to be up on the mountain for the night but we still had a day to fill-up.

We decided to make some stops on our way to Grindelwald to enjoy the beautiful Bernese Oberland. After a break by the sides of the lake of Thun, we went to the Saint Beatus caves (click to read our full article).

This geological formation is especially renown for having an impressive entrance that leans against a cliff and lets a majestic waterfall escape.

Once we achieved the visit of the caves, we headed in direction of Brienz where lies the Gorge of the Aar. This gorge was dug by the water that eroded the mountain for millions of years. It offers a very nice walk along the turquoise Aar river that contrasts with the dark rocks around.

Up the mountain – Spending a day in Grindelwald

We took the road around noon again, this time in direction of Grindelwald. We needed to be there by the middle of the afternoon to be sure to catch the last gondola to reach the “first”, where lies the beautiful lake “Bachalpsee”.

The Gondola ride alone gives you a sneak peak on the landscapes that Grindelwald has to offer. The First is only one of the numerous mountaintop that can be accessed by cable car in the region and we warmly invite you to discover all of them.

Gondola on the way from Grindelwald to the first
Gondola on the way from Grindelwald to the first

At the cable-car station of the first, we stopped for a bite on the panoramic terrasse. We were very positively surprised by the quality of the food and service of the restaurant as it usually tends to be poor in such touristic locations.

Hiking and enjoying the view from the First cliff walk by Tissot

We then took our backpack and left in direction of the Bachalpsee. Firstly, we passed by the panoramic “First cliff walk by Tissot” that starts with a wonderful terrace and continues with a walk along the cliff.

Selfie on the first cliff walk by TissotThe first is a beautiful but also very touristic place. During busy periods, you will find yourself hiking in a swarm of people and this is probably not how you imagined a hike at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. However,  being up there without having to care about the last ride downhill has the advantage that the more the day passes, the lonelier you’ll get.


The way to the Bachalpsee takes about one hour of a walk (with a heavy backpack) and will take you through a typical alpine landscape. The lake is beautiful but don’t expect to take a bath though, the water is freezingly cold!

Spending a night up the mountain in Grindelwald

The initial plan was to spend the night at the lake and shoot from there. As the position of the milky way didn’t see optimal once we arrived at the spot, we decided to move a few kilometers to face the impressive north face of the Eiger.

As the sun came down, the mountains started to turn to red. It was about time for us to start preparing our dinner and what would you eat in such an astonishing Swiss location? A raclette of course! A bit arranged with some potatoes, we must admit.


This was simply the perfect spot and we had a truly magical night. The only few light from the village was just enough to cast light on the Eiger but was letting the sky almost entirely free of light pollution and the shooting star season was ensuring an amazing show:

Milkyway above the Eiger viewed from the first in Grindelwald (astrophotography)

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