How to spend a day in the region of Gruyères?

This summer, we were heading in direction of the Swiss Alps for a week of hiking in the mountains. As we had some extra time on our hands, we decided to stop by the beautiful village of Gruyères and cross the mountains through the picturesque Jaunpass.

This region is a fantastic place and offers a lot of activities, whether you want to actively do something or simply chill back and admire the view so it is really worth to plan a Gruyère day trip during your next stay in Switzerland.

Gruyères  – A medieval village with a view

Gruyère is a medieval village standing on a 80 meters high hill, at the feet of the “Moléson”: the highest mountain in the region of Gruyères. The village overlooks the beautiful lake of Gruyères and offers an incomparable panorama on the pre-alps.

Village of Gruyères with Moléson in background

Double cream of Gruyères with berries and meringueAside of being beautiful, this village is renown for its “le gruyere” cheese, used as a basis to any good fondue. If you are looking where to buy this speciality there are lots of Fromageries in the entire village.

But cheese is not the only food originating from this village… If you are visiting the region of Gruyères you cannot miss trying out the “double crème de Gruyères”; an incredibly tasty thick cream, usually served with berries and meringue.

Okay, it’s maybe not by visiting Gruyères village for a day that you will keep track with your diet but trust us, every bite is worth it!

Broc – Chocolate tops view

If you have a bit of time to spare, you can also stop by Broc. This small village is not especially beautiful but it has other perks as the Swiss Cailler chocolate is produced here.

The whole village smells like a chocolate factory, which is quite peculiar at first. You’ll get used to it pretty fast and won’t even notice it anymore after visiting the museum of the brand. Did you know that the “Maison Cailler” museum and chocolate factory is the most visited attraction in the French part of Switzerland and in the entire region of Gruyère?

Jaunpass – The highlight of your day

To reach the Wallis from the region of Gruyère, the usual way would be to take the highway in direction of Vevey that will take you to the entrance of vallis in 40 minutes. This is the route we normally use when we are going to the Portes du Soleil for skiing.

In Switzerland, a small detour will sometimes take your trip to a whole new level. It is the case with the amazing scenic route of the Jaunpass which is very picturesque.

View on Zweisimmen from the Jaunpass

This is a pretty big detour that will take you about 2 hours but you will enjoy every minute on this wonderful route joining Charmey to Zweisimmen during your day trip.

The show won’t end once you reached the other side of the Jaunpass, as the road continues in direction to the beautiful regions of Schönried, Château-d’Oex, and Les Mosses and you will end your day. Of course all of those propositions are also possible as day trips from Geneva or little escaped from Bern, as both of the cities are not too far away.

If you are looking for more information and inspiration how to spend a day in Switzerland you have to check out our Complete Guide to Switzerland which will provide you with a lot of ideas.


Village of Gruyères with Moléson in background

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  1. Should I be embarrassed that I only thought Gruyère as cheese, and not an actual location? Ha
    Of course this place has to be absolutely stunning, if only to complement the cheese. I love how green and lush everything is!

  2. Wow! I have seen many posts on Switzerland so it since to see something different. That chocolate though… I’d have to go on a major diet before I even get there! Looks amazing! The mountains and scenery also are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful place full of natural beauty. the taste of the Swiss chocolate is wonderful. I mainly visited there two times for Swiss chocolates. Nice writing and beautiful pictures and video.

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